Natural garden


In September 2011, our garden was certified and got the natural garden evaluation.
Natural gardens are oasis for people, animals and plants. Our garden complies with the basic rules for natural gardens. We don’t use pesticides, not even easily soluble mineral fertilizers. Neither do we use peat to modify or enrich the soil.
Our garden is cultivated and it serves as a utility garden. We have our own compost and use our own grass as a kind of fertilizer. The dominant feature in our garden is a huge Box Tree bush. One part of our fence is faced with wood that provides escape for many animal helpers. Other part is overgrown with Boston ivy that turns its green colour to beautiful red every summer. Another interesting component in the garden is a fruit orchard consisting mainly of apple trees, pear trees, plum trees and cherry trees.
In the garden you can even find sea buckthorn. Of course, soft fruit bushes are represented as well, they are planted along the fence or in the corner with raspberries and blackberries. Herb patch is found in upper part of the garden. From herbs and spices you can find here chives, wild garlic, parsley, lovage, horseradish, marjoram, wild marjoram, hyssop, mint, lemon balm, lavender, sage, thyme, Echinacea, gingko, chamomile and others.
From flowers you can discover Hydrangea, potentillas, heleniums, moon daisies, yarrows, coneflowers, St.John´s worts, bladder cherries- perennial plants that adorn the garden from spring to autumn. Other plants that belong to our garden are asters, snapdragons and zinnias. Every year we plant a flowerbed of dahlias that blossom in late summer. We also grow annual flowers such as strawflowers and limoniums. We dry the blossoms and use them for dry decorations. Also, you will come across decorative trees and bushes like Japanese barberry, lilac, jasmine and climbing hydrangea.

Herb garden:

in the garden, amazing spices and herbs are grown for you. Go ahead and pick anythink you want.