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  • Chrástov is a small vilage between the towns of Jihlava, Telč and Pelhřimov. It has about 50 inhabitants and 45 houses. It is situated 650 m above sea level.
  • Chrástov is surrounded by beautiful nature, there are many woods, lakes and meadows.Nearby there is a bus stop, a shop, a playground in the village. The train station is 5 km away. After your first walk through our village you will find out that there are five ponds.
  • The first written statement about Chrastov is from 1379. In the surroundings, holes that testify the plentiful mining of silver in earlier times are still found. In 2010, archaeological research was finished in the area of the pond Cvilínek that proved the existence of metallurgical and mining site as early as in 13th century.
  • The most significant building in our village is a chapel built between 1924-1925. There is a board made in memory of killed soldiers in WWI located in the wall. A wooden bell tower once stood in the place of the chapel. Then there is „God´s torment“which is term used in Czech to describe a little chapel, statue or bell that is dedicated to God. It is located across the bus stop and was built in 1743


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Loc: 49°21'12.627"N, 15°19'18.147"E